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Loaves & Fishes, or, Hey, Deficit Hawks, Stop Being Such Jerks!

Here's an additional cartoon I did that was part of an effort by "Faith in Public Life."  They're doing a campaign that is calling for a little sanity/kindness in the budgeting process.  The whole issue of morality in budgeting came to a head last year when Paul Ryan came out and said his budget was "moral" and he was an upstanding Catholic do-gooder (who just happened to want to kill food stamps, Head Start, Medicare and other evil programs like that.)  

At any rate, FPL and the groups they are working with have a good message, "Enough4All" which can also be translated into: "Hey Congressional Republicans, Stop Being Such Jerks."  I always love tapping into Biblical messages and the stories of Jesus for my cartoons.  You can see more here and here.

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