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Conservatives Gone Wild

Even though the presidential campaign is providing loads of entertainment and maybe even a bit of substantive discussion, the real show is in the House of Representatives.  There is chaos in the Republican-controlled House after the far right ousted John Boehner and blocked Kevin McCarthy from the speakership.  The right wing nuts are ascendant and in full display in the Freedom Caucus.

The Freedom Caucus is an assortment of the most ideologically-pure right wing Republicans.  There are reportedly about forty members, a fairly small number relative to the House’s 435 members.  Apparently, if you have nothing to lose and have the financial encouragement from various far right Super PACs, you can refuse to budge, compromise or legislate and lead all the other “establishment” Republicans around by a ring in their collective nose.

The forecast is for increasing chances of grandstanding with a 95% chance of brinksmanship followed by a flurry of governing-by-extortion attempts.  It’s gotten so bad that Republicans are begging an apparently reluctant Paul Ryan to make a run for Speaker of the House since he’s such a smart, sane, level-headed guy.  Never mind the Ayn Rand complex and the catfish noodling.  Enjoy the cartoon and be sure to check out the links behind the ‘toon.

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