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Obama Control

When President Obama announced a few limited gun control measures he was enacting using an executive order, it didn’t take long for the Republican presidential candidates to warn of jackbooted Obama thugs at our doorstep.  (Not to mention the silly little Obama tear conspiracy theory.)  Long story short, the president can’t do all that much unilaterally when it comes to gun control.

Obama is essentially using an executive order to try to expand the number of people who are classified as gun dealers, thereby making their purchases subject to background checks.  They’re not coming for your guns, this will only impact new gun purchases.  (And don’t worry, there is still more than one gun in the United States for every man, woman and child.)  The “Obama Wants Your Guns” executive order basically tries to enforce existing gun laws.

So now that the White House is trying to enforce existing gun laws, the gun-rights crowd claims it’s overreach and tyranny.  This proves that when they cry “enforce existing gun laws” in the face of proposed new gun laws, it’s nothing more than a distracting platitude.  If the government is coming for your guns because of a fairly mild executive action, then they are definitely coming for your cars, planes, food and toys.  Enjoy the cartoon, and be sure to check out the links below!

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