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Remember a couple years ago, when Obama said we’d shape up his drone program and achieve “near certainty” that civilians wouldn’t be killed and signature strikes would basically end?  Turns out that’s not quite true.  There were some pretty huge asterisks that were attached to his proclamation.
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Death & Destruction, Inc.

Now that the defense industry in the United States has taken a bit of a budgeting hit at home, they’re getting more aggressive overseas.  Defense contractors are opening satellite offices and selling arms as fast as they can into the chaos of the Middle East.  

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Candidate Kit

It’s that time again, when people delve into a presidential candidate’s eating habits, transportation habits and hair styles. Never mind the policies, now is the time to talk about the nothingness of the very early stages of the campaign.
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Three-eyed Billy Embraces the Apocalypse

What’s the new frontier in scientific denial?  Earthquake denial!  First, fossil fuels help change the atmosphere, now they’re causing earthquakes.  It’s official, this isn’t just some crackpot conspiracy theory designed to undermine the oil industry.  The USGS and loads of scientists confirm that the industry practice of injecting oil and gas wastewater deep underground is causing earthquakes.

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Religious Freedom and Gay Commerce

What do you do when you sign a law that is perfectly fine and simply safeguards Religious Liberty for All in the great tradition of apple pie and God?  Why, you urge your state legislators to revise it and make it acceptable to all those meddling outsiders who just don’t understand the wisdom of your legislation!  Or at least that’s what you do if you’re Indiana governor Mike Pence.

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