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Blasty the Drone, To Protect & Swerve

The rise of killer drones abroad continues, as does the rise of fireworks-photographing, beer-delivering drones at home.  With a huge variety of uses and a very politicized, lethal start, these robots in the sky promise to be one of the most difficult-to-regulate gadgets in the United States.
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Hobby Lobby's Corporate Commandments

Corporations already won the right of free speech and thanks to the Supreme Court, now dump unlimited cash into U.S. elections.  Now they've won freedom of religion and the right to selectively follow our laws.  Sure, Alito says this "only" applies to matters of contraception and women's health, but I wouldn't be too sure.  (Personally, I tend to trust the expertise of four Supreme Court justices over loads of pundits saying this is a narrow decision.)
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Neocon Reunion Tour

They're baaack!  The neocon buffoons who got us into the mess in Iraq are making the rounds on cable news and other news outlets, playing the part of foreign policy experts once again.  These guys should still be hiding under rocks and banned from ever holding forth on any foreign policy matters, let alone spouting off about Iraq.
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Create-Your-Own Caliphate

It's a good time to be in Iraq, if you're a crazed Muslim zealot bent on creating a caliphate, that is.  Iraq is suddenly back on everyone's radar now that ISIS is taking over large chunks of that formerly-occupied nation.  ISIS, you know, the guys who were a little too extreme for Al Qaeda.
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Jihadi Rifle Association

(If you don't want to spoil the cartoon, read this after you watch the video.)  With the recent shooting in Las Vegas, it's becoming more apparent that the crazed anti-government conspiracy nuts are a danger, to say the least.  What is the largest, most well-funded group fanning these flames of insanity?  You guessed it, the NRA!  I've dealt more specifically with Wayne LaPierre's recent apocalyptic diatribe in another cartoon.  Since that cartoon was published, there has been an attack on a courthouse in Georgia and a "revolution" started by killing two police officers who were on their lunch break.  (After said revolutionaries made sure that their cats would be cared for.)
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