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The Long War of Foreverness

While most people are focused on ISIS (or ISIL, Islamic State or whatever we’re calling that group of jihadist lunatics these days) and their theatrically brutal atrocities, President Obama just sent his Authorization for the Use of Military Force to Congress.  The 2001 AUMF is the thing that has allowed us to skip all over the globe conducting military operations legally, and now Obama has made a new one that is tailored to the latest batch of terrorists.
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Brian Williams and the Frog of War

Sure, it boggles my mind how Brian Williams could embellish and “misremember” an event like his helicopter ride in Iraq years ago, but the firestorm around his imagined combat experience is inordinately fierce compared to the relative silence around all of the other Iraq War-era ‘misrememberings, journalistic and otherwise.  
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How to Avoid Killing and Maiming Children

I’ve been wanting to do a cartoon on vaccination and the anti-vaxxers for a while and now that we have politicians stumbling over themselves following the measles outbreak, the time is right.  Thanks to the Magic Kingdom, even politicians like Rand Paul are trying to fit matters of public health (sounds socialist!) into a world where the free market fixes everything.

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King Abdullah: Royal Pain

I was curious how you could be king of a country that beheads people, doesn’t let women drive and regularly flogs people and be remembered as a “reformer” when you die.  Could it have something to do with all that oil and the regional stability thing, perhaps?  

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The Muhammad Minute

After the terror attacks in Paris, I wanted to take a deeper dive into the supposed rational for attacking cartoonists.  It’s because they drew and disrespected Muhammad, right?  Nobody is allowed to depict Muhammad since it is forbidden in Islam.  Is it really?

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