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Shoot-Em-Up Charlie Loves Cop Killers

The gun-lovers freaked and the ATF blinked.  So goes the story when the federal agency charged with regulating ammunition blinked after a huge backlash sparked by the gun lobby.  Contrary to what many shoot-em-up proponents contend, this issue did not start with Obama wanting to take away all our guns and lock us up in Democrat Reeducation Camps.

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Racist EZ-Cash

Now that the Department of Justice report on Ferguson has been released, the veil has been lifted on a corrupt system that bled that town’s African-American citizens of their income, rights and freedom.  Ferguson’s Municipal Court had become a criminal enterprise bent on increasing revenue by bleeding citizens dry.  
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Greater Republica

Now that Benjamin Netanyahu has given his very own State of the Union address to a joint session of Congress, the partisan colonization of the world is in full swing!  Netanyahu has clearly thrown his lot in with the Republicans, and virtually every Republican in Congress has jumped on the Bibi bandwagon.  Gone are the days of a unified bipartisan stance toward Israel.  With the Israeli government going Republican, what political party will other nations pick?

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America the Rudyful

I know he’s just crying out for attention, but Rudy Giuliani saying “I do not believe that the president loves America,” highlights some deeper issues in the Republican party and our democracy in general.  For one, the failed presidential candidate and former mayor made the statement at a private dinner featuring Scott Walker, one of the top Republican presidential contenders.  
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The Long War of Foreverness

While most people are focused on ISIS (or ISIL, Islamic State or whatever we’re calling that group of jihadist lunatics these days) and their theatrically brutal atrocities, President Obama just sent his Authorization for the Use of Military Force to Congress.  The 2001 AUMF is the thing that has allowed us to skip all over the globe conducting military operations legally, and now Obama has made a new one that is tailored to the latest batch of terrorists.
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