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White House Security Breach: Coming Home

The recent security breach(es) resulting from Secret Service bungling have kept the cable news cycle churning.  While everyone is focusing on fence jumpers and the security of the president, what about the security of the veterans who have fought our wars and brought their mental and physical scars home?
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Climate Blah, Blah, Blah, Change

With another UN climate summit under way, I wish we could all be more excited and hopeful about the results.  Besides the fact that all eyes are focused on ISIS right now, there is plenty of pessimism about the latest UN meeting.
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The Beheading Coalition

Now that the United States is forming another military coalition to combat evil in the Middle East, maybe we should pause to take a closer look at the members of this coalition.  Sure, ISIS is terrible and does awful things like behead people, but they’ve got nothing on Saudi Arabia, which beheads people as a matter of policy.
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Apple Watch Out

Did you hear about the latest product you didn’t know you wanted?  Call me a luddite, but I’m beginning to wonder if we need an electronic device with wifi and Bluetooth strapped to every part of our body. All of these fabulous new devices will get us outside more to enjoy life, as long as you stay away from direct sunlight so you can see your screens and stay close to a power source.
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The Presidential Painsuit

If only Obama golfed less, the United States would surely be able to fix things up in Syria, Iraq, Ukraine and any other trouble spot in the world.  As ISIS was continuing their evil awfulness, people were talking about how Obama golfs too much and wears a suit that isn’t serious enough.  Ugh.
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