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The Year in Crazy: 2014

2014 saw everything from a mooching rancher and his well-armed militia buddies fighting off the federal government to the killing of an unarmed black man sparking a nationwide conversation on race.  Corporations went from having free speech to now having freedom of religion, too.  Money continued to pour into our elections and campaign advertising continued on it’s downward (or upward, depending on your perspective) spiral.  There were way too many guns, bombs and crazies in 2014, a trend that will probably continue in 2015.
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Dear Leader 2

Now that Sony has completely caved to cyberterrorist demands, let’s see what movie they’ve chosen to run in place of The Interview.  Sure, Kim Jong Un is a nasty despot, but do we really think North Korea is capable of attacking movie theaters all across the United States?  Methinks Sony Pictures just wants this whole thing to go away and is using terrorist bluster as an excuse to turn the page.
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Citigroup Democracy

Now that the secret back room dealings are done and the latest budget bill passed Congress (of course, at the 11th hour), we can see the thumbprints of Wall Street once again.  Actually, more than thumbprints, Citigroup actually wrote part of it.  They managed to gut “Section 716” of  Dodd-Frank.  Sounds obscure and weird so who cares, right?
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Cheney’s Torture Anthem

Even though Dick Cheney isn’t the only one responsible for the stain of torture on the United States, he’s the most, shall we say, colorful?  If you think the awfulness of Bush-era torture is behind us, think again.  Thanks to the just-released Senate torture report, we now know of all kinds of new and awful ways the CIA and Bush Administration screwed up the hunt for Al Qaeda and disgraced this nation.
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Who Killed Michael Brown?

It seems that everyone but Darren Wilson is responsible for the death of Michael Brown.  It’s Michael Brown’s fault, black-on-black violence is at fault, it’s a culture of disrespect and lawbreaking that’s at fault, take your pick.  Perhaps the best spew of logic came from Rudy Giuliani, who essentially said, if you black people didn’t kill yourselves so much we wouldn’t have to send so many white cops down there to kill you as well.
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