NSA Spying Keeps Fear Fresh

Let me just say up front, I'm all for spying on terrorists, whether they're texting on a mobile phone, talking on a land line from their village or hanging out shootin' the breeze on the steps of their local Sharia court.  I just don't think we have to spy on every single person in the United States to make this happen.
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Thanks, Jon!
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Syria's Royal Easel

If only the people of Syria had the attention-getting device of the British "Royal Easel," made famous with last week's announcement of the royal baby, lucky little George Alexander.  The birth of a single baby got wall-to-wall cable news coverage for a week or more, while 93,000 Syrians dying in a brutal civil war were noted in passing by the attention-deficient cable news hounds. 
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Cruel and Unusual Blues

I know it's sacrilege to mess with this song, but the days of Johnny Cash playing concerts in California prisons are over, replaced by Governor Jerry Brown whining about federal judges sticking their noses in our prisons.  Never mind the deaths, sterilizations and lack of clean water, among other things. 
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George Zimmerman, Off The Hook

The George Zimmerman trial was about much more than race.  In fact, while everyone was talking about racial issues surrounding the death of Trayvon Martin, the jury was guided by metastasizing Stand-Your-Ground laws.  You need look no further than the jury instructions to find the power of the NRA and ALEC.
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