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Discrimination License

Thankfully, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer just vetoed the "religious freedom" bill that would've given people carte blanche to discriminate against gay people (and others, for that matter).  The most baffling thing is that there exists a state legislature that would pass this bill.  The bill in Arizona that was promoted by the innocuous-sounding "Center for Arizona Policy," would've allowed businesses to refuse service to anyone who offended their religious sensibilities.  (Gracious me, a homosexual eating steak on a Friday!)
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Jack Gerard's American Petroleum Institute

Keystone XL and tar sands oil are emissions-free wonders that will do everything good you ever thought possible.  (At least according to the American Petroleum Institute.)  Let's take a look at the organization that has been lobbying their heart out to get Keystone XL approved.
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Obamacare Job Killers!

With the recent report by the Congressional Budget Office, a portion of which announced that there would be two million fewer jobs, the anti-Obamacare crew went nuts.  It was widely reported in the media that this meant two million job losses, eek!  What many people failed to notice, however, was that the CBO report was talking about jobs, or hours at jobs, that people voluntarily stop working.
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The Wheels on the (Tech) Bus

Look out, Manhattan, here we come!  With the once-mysterious giant gleaming white buses now embroiled in local controversy, San Francisco is becoming the national poster city for sky-high housing prices and income disparity.
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Chevron says they were "injured" by this cartoon!

I'm hearing this morning that Chevron filed court documents saying they were "injured" by this cartoon I did in conjunction with Amazon Watch.  (I'll post more info as soon as I get the court docs or other documentation.)  Watch the cartoon for the more entertaining version, but the nutshell version is this:  Chevron was sued by villagers in Ecuador for leaving toxic waste all over the jungle.  Chevron lost the case and was hit with a multi-billion dollar judgment.  Chevron appealed and lost that, too.  Then, Chevron filed RICO charges against the villagers and the lead attorney on the case.  You know, accusing them of racketeering and being involved in a huge conspiracy to clean up the jungle extort money from Chevron.  No WONDER the Chevron lawyers make the big bucks!  Very creative guys.  
Oh, and for bonus points, guess who just hired the lead Chevron lawyer to help him out of a certain bridge-related jam?  That's right, this guy.
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