Mitch McConnell and Snuggly the Security Bear Beg to Spy

Is this the end of our domestic spying pal, Snuggly the Security Bear?  Most likely not.  Snuggly will probably still be in business and up to his usual tricks, he just may have to work with a huge telecom company or some kind of NSA-corporate partnership.  

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Jeb Bush and Brotherly Love

Jeb Bush has performed a valuable service with his recent missteps and flubs, he’s reminded the world of the baggage he willingly carries.  I’m not tarring him with the same brush as George W. Bush just because they are brothers.  Jeb has voluntarily staffed his foreign policy team with 17 people from his brother’s administration.  (This is out of a foreign policy team of 21, mind you.)
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Obama Trades Transparency

After a little smack-down by the Senate, the Most Transparent Administration Ever is still trying to push through the Trans-Pacific Partnership in the Most Transparent Way Possible.  If by “transparent” you mean members of Congress having to read the actual text of the trade deal in a secure basement room with no cell phones or notes allowed and subsequent mention of the trade deal’s specifics forbidden.
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Pam Geller’s Islamification

There are only so many ways you can say, “shooting cartoonists is wrong and free speech is great.”  Feel free to check out my previous responses to cartoonists being attacked or Muhammad cartoons being drawn.  When I heard about the “Draw Muhammad” cartoon contest in Garland, Texas, I was curious about who would organize such a “festival.”  (Having organized a cartoon festival myself, I think you can hardly call a two-hour meeting a “festival,” but I digress.)
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Remember a couple years ago, when Obama said we’d shape up his drone program and achieve “near certainty” that civilians wouldn’t be killed and signature strikes would basically end?  Turns out that’s not quite true.  There were some pretty huge asterisks that were attached to his proclamation.
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