America's Bestest Idea

Remember when health care and websites used to be boring?  Not anymore!  The glitchy federal health exchange site,, has been at the top of the news for a couple weeks.  But there's more to this story than just some programming glitches.
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National Website Disaster

Sure, there are some problems with the Affordable Care Act and is apparently a mess, but at least health care reform doesn't have slavery as a key flaw.  What if we cancelled our American experiment with Democracy because of some good old fashioned flaws like slavery and lack of technological know how?
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New from the NSA: Internal Patriot Discovery

While everyone was paying attention to the government shutdown and the imminent default of the United States, the NSA hits keep coming!  After it came out that the National Security Agency had started gathering data on US citizens' social media accounts, it seemed that now they were watching, well . . . everything.
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The Pete Peterson "Grand Bargain" Hoax

Here's another cartoon I did in conjunction with the Center for Media & Democracy and PRWatch.  Most people haven't even heard of Pete Peterson, yet he's a multi-billionaire who is spending loads of cash to drive the austerity and debt discussion.  Hint:  he might not have your best interests in mind.
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Tea Party Galaxy: Voyage to the Center of Delusion

With the government shutdown continuing and no real negotiations happening, it seems that Captain Ted Cruz is still at the helm of the Republican Party.  It's helpful to remember that the Tea Party crew's main demand is an end to Obamacare, a health care reform law that was passed years ago.
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