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Bowe Bergdahl: Army of Wha’?!

Whoever thought bringing home a prisoner of war would be so controversial?  I never thought there was so much wiggle room in the old “leave no man behind” adage.  The two main issues that complicate this POW return are that Bowe Bergdahl may have walked off on his own and the fact that Republicans in Congress are trying desperately to make a failure out of Obama, no matter the issue.  If Benghazi was getting a little played out, this Taliban prisoner swap will keep the investigation/hearings/conspiracy-mill going for a long time to come.
Even if Bergdahl was a deserter, doesn’t he at least deserve a court martial carried out by his own countrymen?  Is our new policy under the Republican House leadership to turn over all deserters to the enemy?  Let’s at least give the guy time to learn to speak English again and get some of the intestinal bugs out of his system before we hang him high.  I don’t remember this level of vitriol when cold-blooded killers who undermined the war effort got off with hardly a slap on the wrist.
And though I tend to sympathize with Bergdahl and see much of this as a political stunt by politicians, it does seem like Obama is once again displaying his, ahem, masterful negotiating skills by trading five high-level Taliban guys for Bergdahl.  Now get ready for the endless hearings and investigations— and maybe we’ll figure out a new policy to determine just what sort of men we leave behind.  Enjoy the cartoon, and be sure to check out links to additional stories behind the cartoon.

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  • Diane Sweeney

    Diane Sweeney

    06 June 2014 at 02:17 |
    I love it! Great video. Love you Matt Fiore.


  • Hieronymus Fortesque Lickspittle

    Hieronymus Fortesque Lickspittle

    07 June 2014 at 01:47 |
    I retired as enlisted from the US Army about 14 years ago, just before 9/11. I spent 6 years active and 14 years in the National Guard for a total of 20 years, 1 month and 11 days. I was regularly upset with the inanities of that biggest of all bureaucracies. Hardly a day went by that I didn't want to tell those idiots to get lost and all this was without ever seeing a moment of combat. I sympathize with SGT Bergdahl. The Army certainly wouldn't benefit if everyone could quit when they wanted to. Imagine having a war and nobody showed up?! Since retiring from the Army I've become a pacifist.


  • Jake Jacobs

    Jake Jacobs

    08 June 2014 at 04:42 |
    Right ON!
    I am unable to comprehend the level of hypocrisy on this one. For the last 20 years I've been thinking "it can't get any worse"
    And then it does. Was it this bad when Nixon was president????


  • Tara


    08 June 2014 at 12:05 |
    Thank you for this delightful video -- I have been so discouraged with the sudden mean spirited feeding frenzy that I have witnessed taking place. In one fatal swoop, this lifetime party line Republican has suddenly gone Independent. You have a gift Mark, and I am grateful for the uplifting chuckle that your expression has given me. All the best to you buddy!!


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