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Creative Execution

I would still be opposed to the death penalty if we executed prisoners by tickling them to death.  Now, thanks to Oklahoma's governor rushing an execution, more people now know that "lethal injection" is not as neat and civilized as it sounds, regardless of what you think about the death penalty.  After the recent botched execution of Clayton Lockett, we're learning more about what goes into a condemned person's veins and how it gets there.
Personally, I've never bought the argument that killing people reinforces the concept that killing is wrong.  (Not to mention executing prisoners is expensive and is definitely not a deterrent.)  Seems like no matter how hard we try, we just can't seem to kill people in a moral, efficient way.  Go figure.
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  • Cleveland Davis

    Cleveland Davis

    11 May 2014 at 11:04 |
    I first read this story with the resulting cartoon in my e-mail "The Daily Koz" on 5/10/14. I then came here: markfiore.com to view said cartoon. Cartoon does not play on ether site. Very frustrating, you should insure these things work before you put them out in public! x-(


  • Harry


    13 May 2014 at 18:44 |
    My only objection to the Death Penalty is that it takes so long for the convicted to get there. Sometimes as much as 25 years. Some people for get or don't realized the suffering the victim(s) and their loved ones went through. If the convicted isn't comfortable or flinches when he dies, so be it.


    • Paul


      17 May 2014 at 05:49 |
      So Harry, you don't seem to be concerned about the number of innocent people killed by capitol punishment. Part of the reason is takes longer is that people have the right to appeal and when you're talking about something like the death penalty, there's no do-over when you get it wrong. Killing people doesn't bring back victims of crimes and many families who has lost people to murder advocate against the death penalty. There are many reasons why it is not ethical or effective. I encourage you to look into the issue more.


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