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Drones come to Techopolis!

Between the driverless car, internet balloons and Amazon's delivery drones, it seemed like high time to take a closer look at the technology industry in a cartoon.  Now don't get me wrong, I'm all for the internet and technology-- it's how I've made my living for the past twelve years or so-- but I definitely have some luddite-induced skepticism in my bones.
Actually, it's not the various technologies and innovations themselves, but the hype that accompanies each shiny new technology that really gets my cartoon gears turning.  I'm a huge fan of 60 Minutes, but their piece on Jeff Bezos and his drones made the days of Mike Wallace selling cigarettes look dignified.  Technology companies seem to have perfected the art of getting various news outlets to sit up like excited puppies with each new release of some product.  (See iPhone anything.)
Enjoy the cartoon and share it with your friends, and watch out for drone deliveries.  I'll write more about this topic and this cartoon on the blog, so stay tuned and thanks for watching the animation!

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  • John Dinwiddie

    John Dinwiddie

    06 December 2013 at 06:18 |
    One of your all time best, Mark, I am sorry to say, because it is so scary.


  • midnight lurker

    midnight lurker

    06 December 2013 at 18:21 |
    The credulity evidenced by the media, the internet, and people who should know better concerning the Amazon drones is astounding. Given their conclusion that the drones are practically a fait accompli, I have drafted the following Instructions and Disclaimers:

    1) Customers expecting an Amazon delivery, but who are not planning on being home, should leave a living room window open.

    2) Amazon will make every effort to protect fragile merchandise, but is not responsible for damage due to mid-air collisions with birds, aircraft, or other drones, including those belonging to Amazon.

    3) If you have scheduled a pick-up to return an item to Amazon, please be outside your dwelling, holding the package over your head. This will save time as the drone will not have to land for this purpose.

    4) Proof of delivery will be limited to aerial photographs showing the package being dropped within 100 yards of its intended target address.

    5) To expedite deliveries, Amazon drones have been granted right-of-way priority in all areas and at all altitudes from ground level to 100 feet. If you see one coming, better step aside.


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