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NRA Hypnosis

I had already been planning on cartooning the National Rifle Association's ridiculous annual meeting when my nephew's unarmed friend got killed in what is shaping up to be another "Stand Your Ground" case.  The circumstances surrounding this shooting may make things a little more difficult for the shooter, who was basically laying in wait to murder someone.  The shooter's defense attorney has already said his client is going to use a Castle Doctrine/Stand Your Ground defense.
Regardless of what the circumstances are in this particular case that happened to strike close to my family, it is perfectly clear that the NRA is stoking the fires of paranoia and fear in order to pass legislation, sell more guns and make more money.  All you have to do is listen to the apocalyptic, conspiratorial speech made by the NRA's Wayne LaPierre to get so scared you probably will rush right out and buy a couple AR-15s.  (Which were conveniently available at the time of the speech in an adjoining gun showroom that covered nine (9) acres.)
It is baffling to me that members of Congress speak at the NRA's annual gun fest, an orgy of military hardware marketed to civilians, while the head of the gun lobby group essentially trumpets the need for armed revolt.  (Join now, buy now!)  As a bonus, the NRA held a "Youth Day" last Sunday, which coincidentally was the day my nephew's unarmed 17-year-old friend was killed.  Ugh.  While you're watching the cartoon, see if you can pick out which lines are direct quotes from Wayne LaPierre, and which are my interpretation.

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  • Jim


    01 May 2014 at 06:55 |
    I've seen many Fiore cartoons over the years, but this hypnosis one is unique!


  • John


    05 May 2014 at 18:20 |
    The NRA is America's #1 terrorist organization.


  • Haldon


    05 May 2014 at 21:36 |
    I'm sorry for your son's loss. I've been following your editorials for almost a decade. Even when I disagree, you are one of the more compelling artists I've found.

    Keep up the hard work.


  • nameless


    14 May 2014 at 21:54 |
    the danger that criminals pose... is that they work by ambush.
    a mugging is a surprise attack. a rape is a surprise attack. etc.
    vigilance is the only defense against surprise by definition. if a homeowner surprises the criminal... he's turned the tables. thats all. someone will always be surprised by the other. if there are signs that an attack is coming, and he became vigilient, and made preperations against an attack.. kudos.

    dont go in anyone elses home to rob them. you will not get shot by that homeowner in his house.


  • daytrader


    15 May 2014 at 07:28 |

    Long time viewer here. I've enjoyed your work for years, especially when I lived overseas.

    RE this storyline and your family's experiences, has anyone bothered to ask why Dede was inside the shooters garage in the first place? (And who was the 2nd kid that ran away? It wasn't your son, was it?)


  • Pat


    15 May 2014 at 13:04 |
    I'd love to see this video repeated many times on national TV. Of course, many people would be outraged - how dare you imply that the NRA is drumming up hysteria to sell more guns. Fear-mongering and hypocrisy are essential tools of the right and you are a master at pointing that out clearly and with a sense of humor.


  • Mak


    18 May 2014 at 15:42 |
    It might be baffling to you, Mark, but promoting fear is the greatest motivator of our particular chimp brain.
    It works on women as well as men.
    Just think! how easy it is to equalize yourself with ALL - in your mind, of course; others with guns will then also cause you to need more guns! (Isn't the average # of guns owned by a gunowner something like 33?)

    SInce the amygdala and stress chemicals rule in a world invented by those who don't actually live in a real one for which this small piece of lifesaving equipment is designed (granted, for extremely intermittent use, NOT for continuous response. I mean the amygdala, not a gun!), the world of gunowners is entirely fantasy, consisting of the products of their imagination under self-created and self-sustaining stress.

    Confident living works and always worked in the real world. Fierce response is the protector of herbivores and small animals from carnivores. They need no guns, just determination to live. Ask any carnivore - they will pause, generally losing their aggression when confronted with determined response.
    Admitted, don't try this with crocs, polar bears, or lions. Some species either grew up with humans or never had problems with them before guns. But human groups and sometimes individuals did fine without eventhrowing projectiles.

    So. Guns are NOT protection. Just look at one laying on a table. about the same pressure as lifting a quart of milk with a single finger makes you equal to all (except armies and drones.
    Paranoiac fools seem blind to this, but not having had sufficient culling for centuries, the human species is largely composed of those who would not survive in nature - the brain in s the relevant protective tool, not the gun.), and this deadly power is addictive fantasy.
    Guns are made to kill from a distance, not to discuss or negotiate, not to learn or discover. One of the most limited tools ever invented, it suppresses all love, trust, compassion, courage, generosity.

    Just pull the little trigger, and your problems are over - or so commands the amygdala to the once-necessary evaluating parts of the brain.

    thanks for the insightful cartoons!


  • N-R-A Project

    N-R-A Project

    13 June 2014 at 03:25 |
    If a foreign organization or business would use the same strategies to sell more weapons of mass destructions by making ever more American kill each-other, that whole foreign country of that business will be bombed if not nuked to ashes.
    Meanwhile the NRA terror organization is allowed to institutional the selling of WMDS and get away with the gun killing on thousands of Americans annually?
    Man, Al Queda could sue for discrimination and favoritism of terrorism by domestic white supremacists terrorists. lol

    Seriously now thou NRA = terror organization


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