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VA Hotline Updated

One of the first things I did after the VA story broke was call the VA's phone number for health care information.  At once, I entered a Kafkaesque world of confusing phone options and recorded web addresses I was supposed to visit instead of calling on the phone.  ("Just go to 'V-A dot gov forward slash health benefits forward slash cost forward slash inquiry forward slash we're about to hang up on you dot html.'")  Now civilians everywhere are getting an idea of what veterans go through to try and get an appointment at the VA.
There are so many issues wrapped up in this VA scandal.  (Yes, I think we finally have a real live scandal.)  What was behind all of this excess demand for the VA?  Do those reduced wait times the VA reports actually mean anything?  What was the name of the guy put out to pasture for giving an accurate troop estimate in the event we invaded and occupied Iraq?  No matter how hard we try, we just can't shake these wars.
It's a scandal and a tragedy that veterans in the United States are forced to wade into a world of secret lists and substandard care.  The true cost of war keeps rising in ways that are completely predictable.  Enjoy the cartoon and if you have a VA experience, positive or negative, post it in the comments!

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  • Bill Schwalb

    Bill Schwalb

    10 October 2014 at 09:25 |
    I was at a DOD hearing in Burlingame,CA in 2006. The 3- star general in charge of military hospitals hereafter referred to as POS, tried doing their 3 part"dog & pony" show. We've IDed a problem. We're working on fixing it. there will be no problem.

    Then they had to hear the unpleasant, unvarnished reality. Suicides, self-medicating for PTSD, TBI. That was just about 8 years ago.

    Thanks Mark for showing up the hypocrisy.

    Bill Schwalb, former local board member (non-vet) of Veterans for Peace (for ID only) SF, CA


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