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Okay, can we stop calling Obama a Constitutional Scholar?

I'm sure by now you heard about the Obama Administration's extensive snooping on regular ol' citizen phone and Internet usage.  With creepy-sounding names like PRISM and BLARNEY, I am offended not just as a phone and Internet-using citizen who likes the Constitution, but also as someone of partial-Irish heritage.  I mean, using a Leprechaun hat on an NSA logo?  That's almost as bad as ripping off a Pink Floyd album cover.
At any rate, above is my "I-told-ya-so" cartoon from way back in 2010.  And here's the debut of Snuggly the Security Bear, circa 2006, who we had all hoped would be killed off with the Bush Administration.  Unfortunately, Snuggly's only gotten stronger, more entrenched and more job security.
When I first researched this story back in 2006, much of the reporting at the time was done by Spencer Ackerman of Wired, who is now part of the Guardian and working with Glenn Greenwald.  At the time, Wired was right across the street from my office.  And for extra paranoid-points, after a little more of my own research into the location of the AT&T facilities that were getting attention in 2006, I realized I could see one of these facilities out of my office window!  (See the ending Google Earth image after Snuggly's debut.)
Here's hoping people are outraged and pay attention to this story for longer than the life span of a gnat.
CORRECTION:  Snuggly the Security Bear was not born in 2006, as I indicated above.  He was born in 2003 as a follow-up to the Total Information Awareness program!  (See really early animation.)

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  • Anders


    08 June 2013 at 08:22 |
    Well, Snuggly is great but the caption is not. Obama is a scholar of the constitution since he really follow alla the laws passed by Congress and Senate f.i The Patriot Act. Wheter he is a good or evil person for doing so, that is a totally different matter.
    Keep up the good work Mark.


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