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  • Wednesday, 29 July 2015 , By Mark Fiore

    Plutonians of Color

    With more brutal killings and mysterious deaths while in police custody, it seems hardly a day goes by without a new dashboard camera video or protest calling out for justice.  As these tragedies keep happening, I thought it might be helpful to look at our predicament from a few billion miles away.

    Little Green Man is back to help us take a more objective look at our society and culture.  As NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft investigates Pluto, what if we came upon an alien species struggling with something as absurd as providing different sorts of justice based on the color of a Plutonians skin?  

    There are obviously a million more layers to the onion that is racism and justice in the United States, but among the protests, pundits and genuine fear, sometimes it helps to break things down to their simplest level of ridiculousness.  Dive into the links behind the cartoon, enjoy the cartoon, and be sure to share it with other beings, no matter what color they were when they hatched!

  • Wednesday, 22 July 2015 , By Mark Fiore

    Raising Your Candidate

    In creating this Behavioral Guide for Republicans, my goal is to address a certain rabble-rousing Republican candidate for president whose name rhymes with “rump.”  We should be able to talk about the campaign and the issues therein without constantly trumpeting said candidate’s name, right?  

    It seems like the GOP, and a good chunk of the media, would be well served by reading a parenting handbook or two.  (Any parenting handbook within the last 100 years will do.)  We are feeding the beast, pouring gas on the fire and playing into this vast publicity scheme that will result in higher speaking fees and better reality television deals for the Candidate-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named.  (At least I hope all that results from this feeding frenzy are better t.v. deals and speaking fees.  God save us if the reality show takes place in the Oval Office.)

    Let’s hope the cable news circus around the gilded real estate developer subsides and important issues that are, y’know, presidential and stuff, move to the forefront.  (Idiocracy wasn’t supposed to take place until 2505, after all.)  Enjoy the cartoon and be sure to share, comment and dig into the links behind the ‘toon!

  • Wednesday, 08 July 2015 , By Mark Fiore

    The Selective Hearing of Gun Violence

    Six times a week or so, I pass by the pier where Kathryn Steinle was killed.  Never did I think that beautiful spot would become such fertile ground for campaign demagoguery.  Donald Trump has found the perfectly-timed tragedy that kinda sorta supports his racist message.  The senseless killing of Steinle in San Francisco by a five-times-deported felon from Mexico has unfortunately become a central part of the current presidential campaign.

    Yes, there are some real screw-ups that allowed the alleged killer to freely wander the streets of San Francisco and the city sanctuary policy definitely needs to be clarified, but where is the outrage about gun violence in the United States that happens day in and day out?  I don’t seem to remember Donald Trump issuing any statements about the person I saw dying on the sidewalk a few years ago after getting shot outside a burrito shop.  There should really be a thirty-day waiting period for political opportunism.

    There are so many important issues involved in this awful case of random gun violence, I hope it doesn’t remain solely an applause line in a Donald campaign speech.  As awful as he seems to be, I have yet to hear of any previous violent crimes committed by Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez.  (He seems more like a pitiful paint-huffing drug addict to me than one of Trump’s Mexican drug cartel mobsters.)  Are we prepared to deport every immigrant here illegally for a $20 marijuana deal or repeated non-violent drug offenses?  And let’s not forget, the sanctuary city policies are in place so local policing can be more effective and catch bad guys.  We all want to catch bad guys, right?  You can help the victim’s family by contributing to their crowd-funding campaign— and be sure to dig deeper into the links behind the cartoon.

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