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  • Wednesday, 25 November 2015 , By Mark Fiore

    Learn to Draw Republican Turkeys

    Now is the time of year all the kids learn how to draw the gaggle of Republican presidential candidate-turkeys!  From Civil War buff, Donald Trump, to hammer-throw surgeon, Ben Carson, the field of GOP candidates is in full gobble.  This would all be a welcome, entertaining relief from the real problems of the world if there wasn’t a chance one of these candidates might actually become president of the United States.

    But don’t just worry about the most obvious Trumpian silliness, pay attention to the other turkeys who are in the pockets of billionaires and wear faux-populist cloaks.  As a cartoonist, this is an ideal field of candidates, one that shows our offerings have pleased the Cartoon Gods.  (The old, what’s-good-for-satirists-is-bad-for-citizens paradox.)

    Don’t be fooled by the “serious” candidates who will no doubt emerge in the weeks to come, they all have severe turkey feathers in their wardrobe— and candidates who fall by the wayside are already on their way to Fox News pundit gigs.  Happy Thanksgiving, and be sure to dig deeper into the links behind the cartoon!

  • Wednesday, 18 November 2015 , By Mark Fiore

    Keep Calm and Panic On

    The terrible attacks in Paris have been met with widespread condemnation and horror, but they’ve also been met with overreaction and panic.  Let’s take a few breaths and realize that ISIS is not about to take over the world.  Sure, they’re doing abhorrent things and are ruthless villains, but as evil as they are, they are small in number— which is why they have to resort to terror attacks.

    Despite what Jeb Bush says, they are not going to take over the planet.  Let’s not just remember September 11th, let’s remember the overreactions of September 11th, too.  Do we really want to start sorting out who the United States helps based on religion?  (The Democratic mayor of Roanoke, Virginia has even invoked fond memories of internment camps and President Francois Hollande has suggested changing the French constitution.)

    I’m not suggesting we ignore what happened in Paris and let ISIS off the hook.  By all means, let’s go git ‘em, but let’s not overreact or elevate terrorist actions to those of a nation state by calling what they did an “act of war.”  It was terrorism committed by desperate and sick people.  Take a look at some of the links behind the cartoon, and pass it along.

  • Wednesday, 11 November 2015 , By Mark Fiore

    Climate Interruptus

    Little Green Man is back!  This time, he and his earth-bound twin are discussing the latest news on the global warming front.  Hint:  it ain’t good.  A report was just released by that leftist denier organization, the World Bank, pointing out that another 100 million are on track to be driven to extreme poverty.  (Sad pun kinda’ intended.)  Oh, and mustn’t forget the over half a billion people who will become homeless with a four degree Celsius temperature hike.

    One of the biggest stories in climate lately has been the revelation that Exxon scientists presented reports internally that warned of the catastrophic effects of fossil fuels as early as 1977!  Initially, the corporate oil behemoth understood how this could impact their future profits and was surprisingly public about their findings.  But then in the 1980s, Exxon changed tactics and began a massive misinformation campaign that led to the climate deniers of today.

    Sadly, climate warnings and more dire predictions seem to be the norm as the world heads into the upcoming climate talks in Paris while here in the United States, Exxon Mobil is now more environmentally-conscious than the Republican presidential field.  Be sure to dive into the links behind the cartoon and ride your bike to work if you’re able!

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