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  • Wednesday, 07 October 2015 , By Mark Fiore

    Gun Logic

    Now that the United States is nearing the point of one mass shooting incident per day and there are more than enough firearms to give every single person in the country a gun, let’s look a little deeper into the gun lobby’s bumper sticker solutions.  Better yet, let’s apply NRA-style solutions to everything!

    If we don’t need laws since only law-abiding people obey them, why do we need laws at all?  Gasp, it’s true, laws will only be abided by the law-abiding.  Ah, language can be such fun when you are arguing with the irrational gun-peddlers of the NRA.  This would of course all be much more fun if people weren’t dying on a regular basis in our nation awash in bigger and badder weapons.

    But our Founding Fathers!  They were so absolute about guns that they wrote the clear-as-mud Second Amendment.  Never mind the fact that both Thomas Jefferson and James Madison were part of the crew who banned guns on the campus of the University of Virginia.  Those two must not have truly understood the originalist meaning of the very amendment they were involved in writing, poor misguided Fathers.  Enjoy the cartoon, and stay safe!

  • Wednesday, 30 September 2015 , By Mark Fiore

    Speaker Rock Replaces John Boehner

    Now that they got rid of that leftist John Boehner, the conservatives in Congress can really get down to business.  If you thought we had gridlock and animosity before, you’re in for some real do-nothingness if the right wing members of the House get their way.

    Speaker Boehner was ousted because the harder-right Republican members of the House thought he compromised with the Democrats too much.  (If only Ronald Reagan were still alive, he’d get run out on a rail and called a socialist.)  The balance of the GOP in Congress is shifting further rightward, providing more opportunities for jobs, if you’re in the business of political satire.

    The Party of No wants to become the Party of Even More No because that will, you know, turn the country into a republic that works, or something.  It’s sure to be an interesting couple of weeks as Speaker Rock begins to emerge.  After all, if John Boehner isn’t safe, whoever takes the top spot damn well better do what the righter-than-right wants.  Enjoy the cartoon, and be sure to dive into the additional links.

  • Wednesday, 23 September 2015 , By Mark Fiore

    The Saint of Small Type

    I’m all for giving old time Catholic priests a little sainthood now and again, but does it have to be for a guy who prescribes whippings and offers up his own shackles?  Having grown up in California, I was taught that Father Junipero Serra was a kind fellow who just wanted to convert some natives, raise some cows and get a foothold in the state for Spain.

    The more you look into now-Saint Serra, the more stomach-turning he becomes.  (Believe me, I preferred the Serra I used to imagine.)  Corporal punishment is one thing, but prescribing whippings and offering to provide shackles to help punish the Native Americans who tried to escape from your mission, seems to be a little much for a “saint.”  I know saints aren’t supposed to be perfect, but aren’t they at least supposed to be not cruel and inhumane?

    Many people use the “man-of-the-times” argument.  “Hey, it was the 1700s, what did you expect?”  That argument quickly falls apart when you read historical accounts of other priests remarking at the cruelty of the mission system.  Enjoy the cartoon, and be sure to dig into some of the links behind the cartoon.

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